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Post by Admin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:35 pm

Hi Everyone

Over three years ago, I ripped up my stomach with a combination of caffeine pills and little sleep during my days as an engineering student. One semester I decided to take an overly ambitious course load, and I simply needed 30 hour days to keep up with the work. I fell into a pattern of just a couple hours of sleep each night, followed by caffeine pills to make me sharp again.

This went on for about 1.5 semesters, and soon after my stomach was crippled. I was nauseous and in pain 24/7, and lost about 60lbs. About 6 months into the ordeal, I realized PPIs were doing more harm than good, and switched to a combination of H2 blockers and PepZin GI.

I had great success with the PepZin GI, and wrote a very detailed review on Amazon for it. I added to it as time went on, and answered questions in the comments section of the review. It got to the point of 80+ comments under this review, and I realized that this was not the most efficient way to help other gastritis sufferers like me. I saw a need for a place to share and preserve good information, as well as a place to provide encouragement and support.

Because while I had good information, the comment section didn't lend itself very well to a Q and A format. It was not very readable, and sometimes confusing with multiple replies going on. And because these discussions were frequently not solely about the product, Amazon could have cleared or locked the discussions at any time. And lastly, I myself neither had the capability to answer every question nor would be around forever to answer every question - even though I wanted to be. 

If it was all about me, then I would become the bottleneck. I realized that lasting benefits would only come if this information was made more accessible, and other people were empowered to use it and build upon it.

So, I used some tech skills to put together this forum using Forumotion's free forum builder. I wanted to empower gastritis sufferers to band together to preserve and share information and support. Gastritis is such a personal and varied disease - but we have strength in numbers when we can hear many viewpoints, because perhaps one viewpoint matches our own story and can help. 

So, this may never become the most popular forum on the net :-) But if at least one person, at some point, comes here and finds some useful information or some encouragement, then it has been well worth the effort!

God bless

Remember! The pain we feel now is temporary. Nothing lasts forever, including Gastritis Very Happy. So suffer well, and be a light to others.

"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep"

Medical Disclaimer: While every effort is made to provide accurate and useful information, no one on this site is representing themselves as a medical professional. Always consult with a medical professional for assistance before modifying their orders or making changes to your lifestyle/health regimen.


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