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Amazon Discussion: Foods to Regain/Maintain Bodyweight Empty Amazon Discussion: Foods to Regain/Maintain Bodyweight

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:56 am

(This discussion is copy and pasted from the original discussion in the comment section of Amazon's PepZin GI)

Elaine K. says:
Still fighting this battle. Was wondering what one can eat to gain some weight. I've lost a lot eating this way.

Kevin says:
Hi Elaine

That's a great question, and for most people, it depends on what is actually bothering you and what caused your gastritis. I lost 60lbs because of my gastritis at one point, but within a year I have gained it back as I healed.

I would steer you towards a few things though that were gentle on my stomach while helping maintain body mass and energy:

1) plain vegetables starches like cassava, potatoes, and white rice. Cook well and season lightly with just salt and black pepper

2) Pasta - boil some regular pasta and then season with a bit of canola oil, salt, pepper, and basil. Then you can add other seasonings as your stomach allows. This is still a meal I eat very often, because it is so gentle on the stomach.

3) White Rice - Boil according to package directions, then season with salt and pepper. If you can tolerate this well for a few days, next time you make it you can add some eggs and/or veggies to make some fried rice in a skillet.

3) Minimally Oily Fish and Well-Cooked Shrimp - if you have no fish or shellfish allergies, seafood is a great protein source that my stomach tolerates very well. Certain fish are more gentle than others. I recommend salmon or flounder. If you live in an urban area, look for a local international market. These stores cater to african,latino, and asian populations in the area and always have an EXTREMELY diverse and low cost fresh fish counter. I get 5.99/lb salmon and 7.99/lb tiger shrimp on a regular basis from one near me, allowing seafood to be a big part of my diet without breaking the bank Lol.

4) Whole or Part Fat Dairy - whole milk, whole fat greek yogurt, and part-skim mozzarella cheese are things that my stomach (and my taste buds Very Happy) really enjoy. The whole milk is a great way to add some fat into your diet when you have a sensitive stomach (which usually doesn't appreciate high fat foods). Even at my worst, I was able to have 2-3 cups of whole milk (regular homogenized/pasteurized) a day and it helped me tremendously (Note: organic milk can cause stomach upset because many are "ultra-pasturized". This technique preserves freshness longer, but changes the milk chemically. Stick with non-organic milk until you're feeling better).

5) Eggs - This is a huge one. I have 4 eggs as a snack before bed every night because my stomach LOVES them and it is such a great protein source. Just scramble with salt and pepper

6) SLEEP - I know it's not a food, but it is the most important thing you can do to gain/maintain a healthy weight. If you don't give your body time to rest and re-build, it will never put on any weight no matter how much you eat. Aim for 7-9 hours a day, I've been getting 9 and it has made a huge difference. It is def not easy and takes commitment, but if your stomach is bad enough it's worth the effort.

I hope these suggestions help. I am still recovering from gastritis but am on the home stretch. The weight and muscle will come back with time and healing. I will pray for you :-)

Elaine K. says:
Thanks so much for your reply and helpful things to eat. I see you used black pepper on some things. I cannot tolerate black pepper so stay away from it. Will try basil to flavor up the rice and pasta. Seems like turkey, chicken and seafood are the best for me. I'm getting a wee bit better but still have days of pretty bad burn. I am taking the supplement and weaning myself off of a PPI. Thanks for your prayers.


Remember! The pain we feel now is temporary. Nothing lasts forever, including Gastritis Very Happy. So suffer well, and be a light to others.

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