Amazon Discussion: Knowing when to stop Pepzin GI (or similar meds/supps)

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Amazon Discussion: Knowing when to stop Pepzin GI (or similar meds/supps)

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:54 am

(This discussion is copy and pasted from the original discussion in the comment section of Amazon's PepZin GI)

Trust and Rely says:
Kevin how long do you need to take Pepzin? I was doing 4 a day, but I think my stomach is healed (just dealing with GERD now from the PPI damage) so am down to two a day for maintenance and just in case there is still some stomach inflammation/gastritis going on. 
Also, what are your thoughts on using raw fermented kraut juice to help with heart burn after meals (it really helps mine, but I'm scared it's so acidic). Thanks!

Kevin says:
Hi Trust and Rely

How long is totally a personal thing. If you are feeling better, then do what you are doing - slowly decrease the dose to see if you have any problems.

The goal for me has always been to get off the pills/drugs, and while Pepzin GI is a wonderful thing, I still planned to stop it eventually. I was on it for probably 2 years before stopping after it helped me.

Sorry, I don't know anything about raw fermented kraut juice. Regular heart burn after meals is a symptom I never had. It is also a symptom of GERD, which while similar to what I had - is not the same the as gastritis.

Remember! The pain we feel now is temporary. Nothing lasts forever, including Gastritis Very Happy. So suffer well, and be a light to others.

"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep"

Medical Disclaimer: While every effort is made to provide accurate and useful information, no one on this site is representing themselves as a medical professional. Always consult with a medical professional for assistance before modifying their orders or making changes to your lifestyle/health regimen.


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