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Amazon Discussion: Paleo Diet, Carbs, and Vitamins Empty Amazon Discussion: Paleo Diet, Carbs, and Vitamins

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:35 am

(This discussion is copy and pasted from the original discussion in the comment 
section of Amazon's PepZin GI)

Trust and Rely says:
Did you eat paleo when you were healing? That's what I'm doing...salmon, 
chicken, eggs, olive oil, some nuts, leafy greens (cooked) helps with my 
GERD (carbs make my gerd worse). What did you eat?

PS -- i did read that gentle enzymes (like ACID EASE) -- no protease-- are 
ok..any thoughts on those? Or ox bile? Thanks again

And I've been trying to find a safe vitamin C for gastritis! Do you know of any? 
I'm having to resort to IV infusions of it!

Kevin says:
Hi Trust and Rely,

To be honest, I don't agree with the Paleo lifestyle. Some of the foods that 
they say to cut out I don't think are good. When my gastritits was at it's 
worst, the ONLY thing I could eat was pasta, rice, and potatoes. Without carbs, 
I would have been in the hospital with a tube so that I can get calories - 
because my stomach couldn't take anything else. Be careful with paleo, I've seen 
stories of drastic diet changes like paleo causing or making gastritis worse. As 
a former athlete (before my college days I was a promising high school athlete, 
but was sidelined by two ACL tears) I have seen the benefits of healthy carbs. 

Most of my meals when I was at my healthiest were EXTREMELY carb heavy. Like 
half a box of pasta for dinner - heavy haha.
And again, I would say no to ANY enzymes. There's a lot of pseudoscience on the 
web, and if you have gastritis - then ANY extra enzymes, including ox bile - 
which mimics gall bladder enzymes for fat digestions - will likely hurt you. I 
wouldn't try it.

And the concept of a vitamin disagrees with a stomach that is experiencing 
gastritis. It's too concentrated to be well tolerated. Why do you need vitamin C 
? Do you have a documented medical condition that requires it ?

If not, grab some NON-CITRUS fruits like strawberries, raspberries, or 
blueberries; then throw them in a blender with some yogurt and a banana. This is 
a smoothy I have often and my stomach tolerates well.

Remember! The pain we feel now is temporary. Nothing lasts forever, including Gastritis Very Happy. So suffer well, and be a light to others.

"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep"

Medical Disclaimer: While every effort is made to provide accurate and useful information, no one on this site is representing themselves as a medical professional. Always consult with a medical professional for assistance before modifying their orders or making changes to your lifestyle/health regimen.


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